Saturday, April 22, 2017

Grind Mode Music Worldwide

Grind Mode Music Worldwide is an independent music distribution company that provides independent recording artists access to the same digital and physical retailers that artists signed to major labels has. Under Grind Mode Music Worldwide, recording artists has the ability to acquire and secure all the proper music rights and licensing to their content and have it published and distributed worldwide with Content ID generated for tracking all audio files of their original composition. Grind Mode Music Worldwide utilizes their personal relationships with highly influential music executives to roll out marketing and promotional options for their artists to gain more exposure on mainstream outlets such as Hip Hop Weekly, XM, Worldstar, BET Jams, Music Choice and more. The Celebrate Independence campaign is focused around artists being able to retain the rights to their masters and develop their own music catalogs within the repertoire of their publishing company and digital content service provider. Grind Mode Music Worldwide staff ensures and oversees the diligent process of securing all the music rights in the names of the masterholder. This ground-breaking service is one of the only practices available in the United States market and Grind Mode Music Worldwide is committed to continuing to provide ownership rights with full label services for independent recording artists serious about their careers. Visit or call 1-800-233-0453 for more details. #CelebrateIndependence

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