Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bazooka Joe 2 Death of The Bubble Gum Rap

Pittsburgh Powerhouse MC Joey Fattz AKA Bazooka Joe returns with the final installment of his Bazooka Joe series! Bazooka Joe 2, coming later this month, is a treat to his fans that has been rocking with him since his first mixtape Pain is Pleasure. Bazooka Joe 2 Death of The Bubble Gum Rap will be available on Audiomack courtesy of Deranged Music/Grind Mode Music Worldwide!! Learn more about Bazooka Joe on and

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Grind Mode Music Worldwide 615 Ent F-Town Distinct Attractions

Grind Mode Music Worldwide along with 615 Entertainment and F-Town Promotions have aligned to bring the highest level of entertainment services to world. Grind Mode Music Worldwide is an independent distribution company that provides worldwide music and DVD distribution and marketing services to unsigned artist and record labels in need of mainstream distribution. With personal relationships with music executives and industry taste makers, such as our parent company, Deranged Music/That's Hip Hop LLC
Grind Mode Music also posses the ability to market and place music on the same mainstream platforms as your favorite artists. 615 Entertainment is a booking, management, tour placement and promotion company that is providing live performance opportunities for aspiring artists on the same stages as some of America's biggest recording artist. For details on upcoming shows, visit 
F-Town Promotions is the promotional arm of 615 and diligently promotes and informs Western PA and Ohio residents of upcoming events and shows. Together...they have aligned with Distinct Attractions to now book and provide these resources in markets throughout the US, Canada and Europe. As a result of this union...they are now in position to create, market, promote, distribute and showcase talent worldwide while providing a high level of service and entertainment for consumers of music entertainment. Visit #CelebrateIndependence