Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Universal Dope Records Officially Enters GRIND MODE

After releasing their independent projects on the same day through Grind Mode Music Worldwide, Universal Dope Records artists, Pretty Krissy and DudeWitDaHawk are focused on taking their talents to the next level. This husband and wife power couple has proven they are amongst the elite. As a writer and dynamic performer, Pretty Krissy has been leashing verbal assaults on every stage she has blessed throughout her career. She matched that same energy over high quality production from her multi-talented artist, producer and husband, DudeWitDaHawk. Rose Gold Bitch 2.0 is a dynamic project featuring her new single, "Cash App Boomin". The record takes you on a joyus celebration of the instant gratification achieved when new aged technology allows you to receive cash instantly. Listen to her new single:
Cash App Boomin

Outer Body Experience or O.B.E. written and executive produced by DudeWitDaHawk truly showcases the wide range of talent, skill and ability of DudeWitDaHawk. As the creative director for the newly rebranding of the tandem, DudeWitDaHawk has worked diligently on reframing Universal Dope Records by creating a mobile app and even killing off his former identity Flyguy, in a diss record available on O.B.E.  Working as a DJ, Artist, Producer and label head, DudeWitDaHawk is currently preparing his daughter, Wavy Nay for her journey into the dopeness. His new single, Chips N Dip is currently being pushed out to djs and available now on O.B.E.

The Real Young Keyz

Preperation plus opportunity prepares one for the success that is destine to come. At 17 years old, Young Keyz has proven that she is ready to find her mark in the music industry. Working with her dedicated team, Young Keyz is consistently developing her brand and sound while working on building her fan base. She has performed at several shows in Pittsburgh. She also performed at an Industry Mansion Pool Party in Atlanta, as well as, shot multiple videos on location in Atlanta. She is now ready to release her first original single, "The Real Young Keyz", produced by J Pad Da Juggernaut on all digital platforms on December 11, 2018. Make sure you follow Young Keyz on her Facebook page: Youngkeyz_

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


We are proud to announce that we have successfully created a new low cost service for recording artists of all genres. Join the Member's Only Network and sign up for our low cost Member's Plan and receive monthly perks for joining our community of artists, producers, photographers, DJs, graphic designers, managers, marketers, promoters, talent buyers, videographers and music business professionals.
Join us at www.grindmodemusic.com
Feel free to share and network. #CelebrateIndependence

Monday, September 3, 2018

Addicted To Money Official Release

Pittsburgh Freestyle Artist, Vic Venom Laflair releases his latest video, "Addicted To Money". Vic Venom never lost sight of his passion after suffering a paralyzing neck injury. Vic continued to defy the odds and pursue his dreams of being a National Recording Artist. He recently loss his mother, which encouraged him to continue to fight in which he attributes to overcoming his recent battle with cancer. Vic continues to inspire others by his determination to not let lifes obstacles prevent him from reaching his goals. He partnered up with the Dreamz of Music Foundation to encourage and inspire other Artist with Disabilities to pursue their dreams. See Vic and the Dreamz of Music live September 22nd for the TrapRaiser at Level Up Studios in Pittsburgh Pa!
Click Link Below

Friday, August 31, 2018

The Under 21 Talent Concert Series

Steel City Indie and Grind Mode Music Worldwide is giving the talented up and coming artist in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area an opportunity to display their talents in front of their peers at Community Forge. This months Concert Series starts September 8th with LIVE PERFORMANCES BY Jaii Locc Pablo Da Goat KD Bish TopShottBando 3Drillz TV Black and Young Keyz. The Soundtrack will be provided by the newly appointed Nerve DJ DJ Brickz!!! All artist will get a live interview with Steel City Indie and their song played on the global music platform Grind Mode Worldwide Radio

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Prynce Live Performance in Miami

Riding the wave from the Worldstar Video Premiere of his latest single, "Get To The Bag", Prynce continues to keep his foot on the gas. Prynce will be performing LIVE in Miami Monday September 3rd at Babylon Miami for the Strippers and Rappers Artist Showcase and Listening Party Presented by DJ Gwap, MP3 Waxx and Face Boss Life.
Learn more about Prynce at www.aprynce.com

Monday, August 13, 2018


Raised by a single mother, in one of Pittsburgh's most dangerous communities during the height of the 90's, also known as the "Gang Bang Era", Grind Mode Management LLC CEO, Dion Dupree, has shown the true definition of perseverance. A 1994 Graduate of George Westinghouse High School, Dion endured a dangerous community and the loss of many close friends to gun violence, drugs and incarceration by what he now attributes to effective decision making. Utilizing sports as his escape, Dion participated in youth sports since 9 years of age. He played baseball in a community on the other side of town called the Hill District. He also played football for his neighborhood team in Homewood while being involved in the Boys and Girls Club in Shadyside. His family moved to various communities many times throughout his childhood in which he developed good peer relations with people from Garfield, East Liberty, Wilkinsburg and Homewood. Dion would later come to realize the friendships he was able to build with the kids from various communities would afford him the ability to navigate the City of Pittsburgh when street gangs ravished the inner city communities during the 90s. He watched innocent kids turn into major players in the underworld becoming gang members, drug dealers and addicts. Having one foot in the streets from the heavy influence of the times and the other set on not wanting to fall victim to the negative outcomes, Dion struggled with balancing his peers with his ambitions. He had witnessed many of his friends from his community and others end up incarcerated or killed as a result of street violence. His involvement in sports throughout his childhood kept him involved in positive environments. When Dion entered High School in 1990, the City of Pittsburgh shifted into a gang ridden culture turning former childhood friends into foes and creating invisible barriers in which people knew not to cross those lines unless you were prepared to meet your opposition. Living in Homewood, Dion spent the next 3 years of his life being exposed to an unbelievable amount of violence, grief and loss. His family moved into a rival blood community called Mckeesport in his senior year. He had to endure the transition and travel to and from school, while being hunted by several Blood Gang members who found out he was from a rival Crip neighborhood. Yet, he was able to find the ability to graduate high school and attend Slippery Rock University. Unfortunately, he was removed from the University after his first year and returned to the violence of the city. His family moved from Mckeesport to Lincoln and it was there when he decided he needed to start making plans or he would become a statistic. He had been hired for a position as a Peer Educator with Family Health Council at 19. He quickly excelled at public speaking and became a Lead Peer Educator affording him the ability to speak across the country. He spoke to youth on teen sexuality in Texas, Erie, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Georgia. Dion found music as an escape and began writing and rapping also. His ability to captivate an audience and engage the youth gave him the opportunity be seen in a more positive light and gain the respect of his peers and the adults he was around. He began working with dependent youth in a court ordred group home called The Whales Tale. Working with them, gave him the motivation he needed to remain a source of hope and inspiration for the young men he was intrusted in working with. Treating them like little brothers, he quickly realized that life was about being able to overcome the challenges and learning what you are and aren't in control of. At 22, Dion was hired at Allegheny County Juvenile Court's Community Intensive Supervision Program after speaking to several of the young men there a few years earlier. Again, Dion was faced with helping youth manage difficult circumstances and helped to empower them to understand what circumstances they were in control of and which ones they weren't. At 28, Dion was hired at Pittsburgh School District as a Para Educator working with kids with Autism. He was transferred to Pittsburgh Perry High School, in which he worked as a Classroom Assistant with teens with an Autism Diagnosis. He spent 13 years utilizing his life experiences to help encourage youth to effectively create life goals and endure the challenges of life to attain them. He worked full time at the CISP and School while launching Grind Mode Management in 2012. At the age of 35, Dion took his passion for music and megred it with his God given ability to inspire and encourage people to chase their dreams while chasing his. He realized that he had reached his ceiling in his current positions and decided that he was ready to utilize his skills to run his own business. Dion began working as the Vice President of Nick Nice Productions. He was responsible for handling contracts and bookings for DJs and began developing relationships with very influential individuals in the music industry. After receiving his own distribution deal in 2014, Dion launched Grind Mode Music Worldwide that provides industry standard music distribution for unsigned recording artists. In 2016, Dion developed Grind Mode Worldwide Radio, an online radio platform designed to help unsigned artist get their music heard on a global platform. In 2017, Dion acquired his own Television Network on the Xperienc On Demand Platform and launced Ur Vision Television Network in 2018. Ur Vision Television Network is an On-Demand streaming platform giving content creators an opportunity to have their content broadcast in 270 million homes worldwide while receiving revenue for their content. Dion is currently developing a massive media base and advertising production agency that is giving content creators to have their content distributed and advertised around the country. Dion has endured an unbelievable amount of adversity but did not let the challenges stop him from taking chances on chasing his dreams. He is now prepared to share his story and help encourage and motivate youth. Specializing in Effective Decision Making, Dion is prepared to discuss Overcoming Adversity, Music Business, Conflict Resolution, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Development and Business Development with your Youth Group, Students, Colleges, Community Groups or Conferences. For booking information, email gmmworldwide@gmail.com

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ur Vision Television Network

Attention: DJs, Play Writers, Movie & TV Show Directors, Actors & Actresses, Bloggers, Magazine Columnists, Editors, Choreographers, Hairstylist & Makeup Artist and Industry Insiders..

Do you currently upload your Creative Content to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, U-stream, etc? How much money have you made through those Thousands of Views you receive every month?

Well, how about we show you how to monetize those views into a subscriber based platform that will broaden both your scope and your bank account. I call this opportunity a Game Changer.

Would you like your very own television show? Well, that's exactly what we're providing for you!!!

Through our partnership with our Parent Company, Xperienc ON Demand Television Network, Ur Vision Televison Network, is not only giving you the opportunity to have your very own show, we are giving you the opportunity to earn revenue from your content!

We would also like to present you with the opportunity to get your stage play, movie, tv show, live concert, commercial, lecture, product, brand, etc. exposed to over 250,000,000 people worldwide. You can produce shows for yourself or other talented individuals. People who have a ministry, if you have a message to share with the world, or if your ministry isn’t reaching enough people, you can now utilize Ur Vision Network to broadcast your message, play, choir, sermon or workshop. If that isn't enough, we will give you the opportunity to partner with Sony Music to introduce your choir, group or the recording artists creating your music or soundtracks through their international distribution network.

This is a great opportunity for you to generate revenue from your followers & subscribers; along with advertisements & product placement....“MONTHLY”; via our Network. You will retain 100% ownership of your intellectual property (uploaded content)!!!!!

How can we make this happen? Through the all new Xperienc On Demand, you can now have the ability to spread your message and be available on over 250 million smart TVs and Smart phones in the US alone; and that's not all, because we are GLOBAL!

Through our licensing agreement with top names such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon FireStick, just to name a few; you can now be seen around the world with your creativity On Demand.

Right now, many people are uploading all of their valuable content on Youtube, Ustream, Facebook, Instagram and other apps giving them your content for FREE.  They are making upwards of $500 Billion Dollars a year while you pay them or make very little if anything at all.

Ur Vision Television Network will allow you the opportunity to get PAID while you’re building your dream!

Let's see how this can work for you by taking a look at what your subscription service could look like. You are a small business person, playwright, producer or minister and you may only be able to get a subscriber base of say 1,000 people to start at maybe $10.00 with $5.00 per month going back to you, you have just added $2,500.00 to your monthly income. Now you know we are just launching and want as many viewers as possible, so.....much like your bank or phone company, we will give you 5% of the subscription base of anyone you refer to us.  Now say combined the churches, producers, business people you refer are able to draw an audience of maybe 100,000 subscribers at only $2.50; that total will be $250,000.00 per month and just for your referral you will now be able to add an additional $25,000.00 a month to your bottom line.  Would that make a significant change in your budget, mission or outreach?

Online Sponsorship, Product Placement, Point and Click Features:

I would be remiss if I didn't share at least one more Stream of Income with you. Through Xperienc On Demand's all new point and click advertising app, your viewing audience can immediately click on what they like (while watching their  tv program) and order it without leaving their seat!!!  Through our negotiations with the advertisers, your revenue grows simply by making your viewer happy.

Join the ranks of Tyler Perry, Joel Osteen, Oprah Winfrey, Shonda Rhimes, TD Jakes and so many others who have achieved their fame and fortune through television and social media.  Bring your creativity to life, change your paradigm and let your dreams of sharing your message with the world become a reality!!!!!!!!

Join Us on The Ur Vision Televison Network through Xperienc On Demand Today!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Boonie The Kid Hits The Soundscan Top 100 Singles

Indiehitmaker is proud to announce, Pittsburgh Based, Boonie The Kid, has reached the 10 on the Soundscan Top 100 Singles. Blue Diamond Girl ft Jahna Rachelle peeked at #6 after 4 weeks. "As founder and President of Indiehitmaker, we are always proud to see an Independent Recording Artist continue to climb the Soundscan Hot 100 Singles by reporting online sales as a Dropkick Smart artist." -Bram Bessoff CEO Indie Hitmaker 

Learn more at www.indiehitmaker.com