Saturday, October 10, 2015


On behalf of London Blvd, we would like to apologize for the turn of events last night took place. Lil Herbs management was in contact with Grind Mode Management throughout the week in which Craig Williams (Herbs Manager) assured and sent out confirmation of available flights and times they would arrive in the city. London Blvd met all their contractual obligations and had ground transportation, lodging and everything else they were required to provide. At approximately 4:45 pm, Craig contacted Grind Mode Management requesting performance needs for his set in which Craig was assured that all sound requirements were in place for Lil Herb to perform. They were to board a Southwest Airlines flight at 6:20p that would have placed them in Pittsburgh at 8:40p. At approximately 7p, Grind Mode Management was notified via email that Lil Herb was not coming. Grind Mode then notified London Blvd and Nick Nice Productions of the email. The management, label and booking agent were then all notified of the cancellation without their prior knowledge and they were not informed. At this time, Grind Mode spent the next few hours on the phone with the companies and individuals who required refunds from London Blvd. Grind Mode then spent the remainder of the evening notifing individuals, performers and others involved in the night of the turn of events. Bottomline, LiL Herbs team made a choice not to arrive in Pittsburgh as contractually obligated without informing anyone in advance. Grind Mode Management will be spending the next few days handling important accounting issues with London Blvd. Grind Mode is aware of those who still require refunds and will get that to those individuals. The Rex Theater will reimburse everyone that purchased a ticket throuhgh ticketfly. Again, this is a public apology and notification of the yesterday's occurance!!!