Friday, March 6, 2015

Grind Mode Apparel

#LIFEINGRINDMODE is a representation of the commitment needed to persevere while on the road to achieve your dreams. Grind Mode represents the attitude we need to fuel our passion. For passion without work is simply a dream. Order your Grind Mode Merchandise at 

Shirts, hoodies, sweats, hats and more styles coming soon!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Thursday Night Live

Grind Mode Management in association with Street Sm@rt Society and Rep Pittsburgh Hip Hop are giving Recording Artist an opportunity to build their fan base by promoting and showcasing their talents. Thursday Night Live will provide a featured artist the ability to run a 30 minute set in which they can follow an "Unplugged Style" format (minus the live band), by introducing the songs, giving some recording facts on the concept and inspiration then performing the songs. Each week will have 2 openers and then the feature. There will be a rotation of genres as we are not limiting this opportunity to Hip Hop nor gender. Space is limited to 3 performances to cut down on the over saturation of shows and really give the artist the time needed to connect and bond with fans. After each show, artists will be able to network with special invited guests and resources provided by Grind Mode Management. If you are interested in booking a set for Thursday Night Live, please email 

Join us March 5th at the Smokehouse Bar and Grill as we set off this week off with Hugh Flynt The Hustler PlayBizness, Phresh LaRosa, PK Poo and JKJ! Food and drink specials will be available Doors open at 9pm. Ladies Free until 11pm!